About Us

Kinetics Motorsport is a company based in Bulgaria and founded by young automotive and electronics specialists. Since it is created it gains popularity and it is greatly trusted amongst all our customers.

Our goal is to take ECU tuning to the next level - ONLINE based services with feedback in any case and the most important - fast and on afforable prices! Our services are DAMOS based and personally done by a specialist and not an automated or system or a bot.
We are offering services in any level of ECU tuning:
- Stage 1 remap
- Custom remap
- DPF/FAP off solutions
- AdBlue SCR off solutions
- EGR off soluitions
- Swirl flaps off
- DTCs removal
- Secondary lambda removal
- we can provide information about ECU maps, switches, DTCs and etc.
- we are always looking forward to satisfy our customers' needs.