Kinetics Tuning offers a wide range automotive electronics and software services using the most advanced and genuine technologies from FG Tech, Alientech, VC Power Team (Swiftec) and many more.

We are specialized in:

- automotive diagnostics
- ECU remapping (Stage 1, 2 and Custom Remapping)
- DPF/FAP, AdBlue/SCR, NOX, EGR, Lambda, Speed Limiter, MAF, Flaps, Start/Stop System, DTC, IMMO removing
- reverse software engineering
- any help in ECU tuning

We now growed up enough to become an ONLINE SERVICE provider and we want to make it simple and easy with the main idea of a good price tag unlike any other ECU services online.

All the solutions are manually done by an expert and are not a BOT or automated solutions.
Individual and custom tuning services are made only when the client mentions the modifications done to the vehicle!

Only licensed software and hardware is used in the process of tuning the ECU.