We offer online Tuning, DPF/FAP, EGR, LAMBDA, Swirl flaps, AdBlue, DTC remove, Hotstart fix, IMMO and much more

Our goal is to keep things simple, fast and reliable on the most affordable prices possible!

ONLINE services

Kinetics Motorsport has now released an online based tuning services. Now you can upload your file, choose what to modify in it and finally give us a feedback so we can retune your file as many times as needed until you are satisfied.

What is different in our service is
- every file is custom-made according to customers vehicle status
- we provide only tested solutions
- sending back the modified file in 1 hour
- giving detailed information about the modifications in the ECU file
- modifying the file as many times as it is needed
- constant feedback with the customer

How it is done?

The process is done in 3 easy steps:
- register an account
- fill in the info about the vehicle and ECU in the ONLINE services section
- checkuot and upload the file

We will send you back the file via email with detailed information about the midifications we have done and specific procedures which has to be done after uploading back the file to the ECU. Every other modification on the same file will be FREE until you are satisfied with the result.
In case you are not satisfied with with the services, we will refund you back!




For every additional service you choose there is a discount of 15% of the TOTAL price.
For discount plase contact us to provide you a coupon code.
For every second file you upload you get 30% discount in TOTAL no matter which service you choose.
For more than 5 files you get 50% discount in TOTAL.